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Dibor French Home Accessories

Although the evenings are slowly getting lighter, there is still plenty of call for some atmospheric lighting to keep your home feeling cosy and welcoming.

As someone who appreciates style through the ages, I absolutely love our new collection of neoclassical table lamps. Subtle, yet effortlessly fashionable, and a simple way to completely upgrade a living room, hallway or bedroom.

Inspired by artefacts of Ancient Greece and Rome, the emphasis on natural tones and earthy textures are designed to complement any interior, whether traditional or contemporary.

The Olbia French Table Lamp reflects the Parisian take on the Greek Revival. An elegant scrolled pillar of the Aurelie Table Lamp features a deliberately distressed finish for an antique look that brings the majesty of ancient temples into your home.

An aesthetic that has been recreated throughout the centuries, the elegant column of the French Stone Effect Table Lamp is reminiscent of the Art Deco interpretation of this timeless style.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, then I think that our Novelty Lighting Collection is absolutely fantastic. Full of character, without being too overpowering, these table lamps are perfect for making a decorative focal point in any room.

Display as a stand-alone statement accessory, or even mix and match for a more eclectic look that has become very popular in recent years. I am particularly fond of this collection, as I’ve found these lamps an ideal way to display your personality through your décor. Whether you’re fond of horses, or a lover of all things nautical, our statement lamps are a subtle, yet stylish way to express yourself.

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