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Aug 182017

It’s the middle of August – apparently! – And while our beautiful West Yorkshire Mill is still caught in rain showers, there are thousands up and down the country who are indulging the tradition of Barbecue Season in full vigour.

The weekend is finally here, and many of you may still be completely unprepared. Our advice? Skip it this weekend, come to us, and get properly prepared! Thankfully, if there’s one thing we know at Dibor, it’s handy accessories for cooking – be it beautiful tableware or nifty tools – and we want to help your Barbecue be as good as it can possibly be.

The perfect way to cook a steak may be up for debate, and everyone’s grilling skills will always be questioned when they’re in charge of the Barbecue, but there’s nothing better than a set of tools to at least look the part! At £29.95, our BBQ Tools Gift Set features an array of useful additions with ash wood handles – a glazing brush, fork, tongs, and a spatula. (Which even has a bottle opener built in!)

All wrapped up in a durable canvas bag, this set of cooking utensils is bound to make life in front of the charcoal that little bit easier – we can’t promise it’ll improve the grill-cook’s skill, but it’ll add a little bit of professionalism!


Next you’ll need something for your napkins, condiments and dressings – and we can provide that too! This durable wooden crate features a strong, iron bottle opener built onto the side, and five compartments for bottles of sauces, dressing, packs of napkins and more.

With a durable wooden handle and a humorous ‘Barbecue Rules’ print, our BBQ Condiments Crate makes a fantastic gift, and can even be personalised with one of our exclusive, hand engraved leather tags. At only £24.95, it’s a perfectly handy, tidy little addition to your Alfresco get togethers! 


One of our favourites on offer is this fantastic Beer Bottle Holder! With its novel shape and strong wooden frame, this charming little gadget makes a great display to hold your beers while the food is cooking, and can be personalised too! It’s capable of holding six bottles of your favourite brew – perfect for the ale enthusiasts at your meet up. At only £21.00, its style speaks for itself!


Finally, there’s nothing more essential in the sun than a nice, cool cocktail – and we’ve got everything for a Mojito fuelled shindig! With napkins, a cool bag, a cocktail making kit and a wall mounted bottle opener on offer, this Bar Cubain Mojito Collection - Starting at only £4.00 - is an ideal way to kick off a colourful, sun-soaked celebration.


And finally, because we want to make sure you impress guests with your cooking as much as your style, here's our resident BBQ expert's top tip...






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Prosecco Day - The Dibor Way!

Aug 112017

Prosecco Day is on Sunday the 13th of August; and with the festive season firmly on the way, there’s no better time to think of gifts for the Prosecco lovers in your circle (or yourself!)

Here’s a pick of some of our absolute favourites, all with the unified novelty gold, bronze, black and white colour schemes…

Our Fabric Doorstops are always popular with customers, and our fabulous 1 Prosecco, 2 Prosecco, 3 Prosecco Floor! Doorstop is an excellent example of the novelty range at Dibor. With a weighted bottom, an eyecatching – but neutral – colour scheme and cute star, bubbles and heart detailing, it’s no wonder this is on its way to becoming a bestseller! At only £21.00, it’s a great value, durable accessory that will always raise a smile.


Next up in our quirky little range is this funny little Prosecco Fairy Door. This traditional children’s gift has a very non-traditional theme, and appears to be home to the Prosecco Fairy! This funny little novelty makes a great gift and stocking filler and makes a great conversation starter amongst your similarly minded friends. At £9.00, it’s nice and affordable too!


We all have cupboards full of mugs from friends family, don't we? It's a classic gift, and our “There’s Too Much Tea in My Prosecco!” mug is the perfect addition to anyone's collection! Inside its very own gift box, this charming little mug’s gold detailing makes it instantly eyecatching, as well as amusing! Priced only £9.00, it’s a fantastic little addition to any cupboards and kitchens!


Our next item is this beautiful, sweet smelling honey candle with its matching ceramic holder – “This home runs on love, laughter and prosecco”, in the now familiar colour scheme of white and gold – with the equally familiar price of only £9.00!


And, of course, with all of these amazing pieces of giftware, you might want to do a bit of saving. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too...


Prosecco Fund Money pot - £17.00

And finally, our regular cocktail recipe - this time, a fruity twist on the classic Prosecco Royale.


Prosecco Day – sorted, all thanks to Dibor!


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Get The Look - Bamboo Tableware for Summer with Dibor

Aug 082017

If you’re a regular Dibor customer, you’ll have received our fantastic (and heavily anticipated) Summer Collection catalogue.

A big bi-annual event, this is the finest selection of items and giftware, right up to our very latest lines, complete with discount codes and clear, concise ranges that are ideal for a summer refresh in your home – our phones are ringing with new customers and old friends, clutching their catalogues and planning everything from picnics, to relocations, to redecorating!

The weather in West Yorkshire may have not been ideal for summer (we're writing about garden parties and picnic hampers when it’s pouring with rain!), but all of your enthusiasm for our catalogues is always sure to get us in a sunnier mood, and this was no exception. All over Britain and beyond, homes are filling with our unique range of country style products – and if you haven’t yet, we can’t wait to hear from you soon!

When creating our catalogues, our interior specialists come up with an enormous range of original, stylish, and unusual fusions – and one of the finest this time around is our Bamboo Tableware Collection on Page 29. With a stunning mix of styles and colours, this style is ideal for dressing up your dining table.

What do you need to get the look? Let’s begin! 

The first component is of course our
Bamboo Design Dinner Plates (AF97 - £6.00 each).

Made of high quality porcelain with a beautiful green, botanically themed print on bright white, this design is a beautiful and easy matching companion to any space. It’s as exotic as it is elegant! Next, you’ll need matching
Soup Bowls (AF98 - £5.00 each) and Side Plates (AF99 - £4.00 each)



With all of this in situ, it’s time to focus on Cutlery!

Traditional silver cutlery is fine, but for adding some colour to your table and a touch of luxury to proceedings, Gold is always the way to glory! Our stunning range of designer knives, plates, forks, and spoons are bestsellers at £102.00 our
Golden Cutlery Set (AE34) is an incredible way to add opulence to any dinner.



Next, add some matching green glassware – and nothing’s better than our Green Honeybee range to help maintain the natural theme. At only £6.00 each, this beautiful collection is a perfect accompaniment, and, having come from one of the finest glassmakers in France, is built to last.



With these greens, golds and whites, a dark coloured placemat is the finest way to finish the look and draw attention to your style. Our
Royal Blue placemats (AG39) are only £12.00 for a pack of four, and feature a bold, geometric boarder and a tribal botanical theme – a perfect, uniting touch to finish a dream table.



And the result?



Stunning, luxurious, and built to last. A table like this will never go out of fashion, and your guests will be amazed. The question is, how to start off such a stylish dinner party? Try A Bamboo cocktail! (you won’t find this in our catalogue!) This fabulous Sherry Based cocktail is over 100 years old, and is only getting more and more popular as the finest mixologists in the world promote its values. This one is nice and easy!



Brilliant – a full tableware refresh, a refreshing drink; All you have to do is organise a dinner party!

Your summer celebrations made easier with Dibor.



To request our latest catalogue, and see our other amazing styles, click below.



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Have Your Own Personal Wimbledon With Dibor

Jul 072017

It’s July; and that means one of the biggest sporting events of the year, with the famous Wimbledon tennis tournament. Strawberries and Cream, white outfits and green grass are the ruling fashions of the next two weeks across much of Europe, while many watch on with a muted curiosity.

While we can’t, perhaps, recommend the idea of a tennis tournament in your back garden, we think it’s perfect for a garden party in the sun – true, it’s not quite Henman Hill, but a Dibor Dune or a Dibor Drift could be just as good with a little imagination…

The first thing you’ll need is somewhere to sit – and we pride ourselves on a unique range of luxurious garden furniture with extravagant shapes, beautiful neutral tones and a durability and quality that the royal family would approve of!

Our main recommendation this month is this beautiful French Bistro set;
styled after the Parisian milieu of the humble French Bistro, it wouldn’t look out of place in a tennis club’s VIP box and certainly won’t in a well pruned garden. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s comfortable and durable – perfect for years of use. You’ll still be set for Wimbledon 2025, and with chairs starting at only £129, this set is ideal to truly provide the finest for yourself and your guests.


Of course, Wimbledon simply isn’t complete without strawberries and cream – and while we don’t sell the fruit (or cream), we sell the pads and cushions that will unit a theme across any furniture, old or new. Starting at only £9.00, these beautiful Strawberry Seat pads are a perfect match - with just that right balance of tradition, countryside charm and elegance for Wimbledon proceedings!


While we’ve focused on it very heavily as of late (who wouldn’t?!), our glassware is the finest accompaniment to all of this, and gives you the perfect opportunity for a Pimm’s or two (or three, or four…) Our Champagne Saucers make ideal, elegant cocktail glasses, and are onl £7.00 each. They look great arranged on a table!


And finally, why not try a special Dibor twist on Strawberries and Cream with this fantastic Romanoff recipe? Easy to make, delicious and perfectly sweet on a summer’s evening…




Nice and easy - everything you need for a great garden party, lined up and ready to go. Next, you just need to mow the garden, hope for some sun and make a few cocktails...

Dibor - we're not just a catalogue, we're a lifestyle.

Beating the Heat With Sweet Treats & Dibor

Jun 232017

Summer’s heatwaves are beginning early this year, so it’s no wonder that people are flocking to our range of tableware for ice cream, cocktails and chilled drinks – with the weather being ideal for Barbecues, Picnics and Alfresco dining, there’s no better time to get prepared for the onslaught of summer heat.

While we’ve always been famous for our beautiful – and celebrity chef endorsed – Bella Perle range, Dibor’s tableware ranges far beyond, and with Summer being the most common time of year for outside table dining, here's some favourites for desserts! Ice cream has been a snack food in hot climates since Ancient Greece – yes, really! – And, when presented properly, the relatively simple side food can look ornate and beautiful. Time for a Sundae, anyone?

One of our favourite items of ice cream glassware is this unique Sundae Swivel Glass.
With an unusual art deco shape, and robust, thick glass, this tall glass is ideal for any table that’s looking to impress. Try serving a colourful sundae, a thick milkshake, a frothy ice cream float or a bright fruit salad…
Available in multiples at great discounts – only £20 for a set of six.


If Sundaes aren’t your thing, our beautiful Leaning Bowls make another novel twist that’ll attract their attention.
High sided, and equally durable, they make a fantastic dessert bowl for anything from fresh fruits to sorbet. This unique dish design is available in a variety of ranges.
For a splash of colour this summer, try our Amethyst and Smoked Grey varieties, both only £6.00 each.


With Wimbledon rapidly approaching (3rd of July!) the traditional Strawberries and Cream is a combination that simply can’t be beaten.
The only thing that improves it is presentation, and our beautiful Elise Dessert Bowl is a superb option. With its beautiful stemmed shape, this stunning luxury dish makes an excellent companion for any sweet treat – and recreates the milieu of the old European ice cream parlour, for only £7.00 each.


Summer sorted!

For a perfect Summer Sundae, try this classic recipe:


Personalised Picnic Hampers - Summer gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Jun 152017

It’s Picnic season – but that’s not all; there are more weddings, anniversaries, and engagements in the height of summer than any other time of year, and, as a result, we’re receiving rapidly rising orders for couple’s gifts!

With our brand new personalisation service, we can now offer you an increasing range of picnic hampers, baskets and more with an engraved, 100% leather tag, with a message of your choice. For a small extra fee, our already incredible ranges of giftware and homeware can be made even more special when bought for those you love.

With our state of the art engraving equipment, our team in Dibor’s specialist West Yorkshire mill studio can have your order ready for dispatch on the same day.

And what could possibly be a better wedding or anniversary gift than a fully kitted out Picnic hamper?

With the virtues of spending time together getting harder and harder to experience, the picnic is the perfect way to bring loved ones even closer - and giving hampers as a gift to those who are newly married - or have been for decades, even! - Is a lovely way to seal two people getting that little bit closer.

Dibor’s hampers are well recommended in the national press. Only last month, The Independent took note of our stunning, extra large boat hamper, pointed out the virtues of its space saving.
At 55cm wide, it's enormous, and with its novel shape and bottle carriers on either side, is a particularly good option for a picnic for two or four. At £138, it's a superb luxury gift, especially for weddings and anniversaries.

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And that's not all - Caravan and Motorhome Club's June 2017 issue has chimed in with their own favourite; our luxury Willow hamper for four.
This has been an incredibly popular item after it was featured in our blog post last month, and with the amount of equipment and storage space it provides for the price, we think it's little wonder! At only £94, it's ideal for a more budget conscious family seeking a durable, long term product for a luxury picnic.

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Taking us back to the quieter, more peaceful days of life, the picnic is France’s own Alfresco tradition with as much sophistication as it has simplicity. As the Sun grows warmer (and more common) throughout June, July and August, there is no better way to spend some time together – or as a family.

Dibor has a huge range of hampers for parties ranging between two people and six. All recapture that same rustic elegance that has made France such a popular culture, but most of all will give any family that essential opportunity to spend some time together - and for a new couple, or one celebrating their anniversary - a perfect way to spend some time away for a romantic retreat.

Our personalisation has already proven incredibly popular. Our engravers are amazed with the variety of messages and purposes we've seen on your tags: from corporate gifts, romantic presents, housewarmings and weddings, customers have gone all out on celebrating somebody else's special day this week, and with the low price (£5.00 or £7.00 depending upon the matching tag), we can't blame them!


One of our most popular in the range to be personalised is our beautiful English hamper for two.
this has become a very popular corporate gift - in fact, ten of them to left our mill today! - And is a perfect way to pack up on a budget. Small, compact and practical, with every bit of charm our larger models carry, for only £25. This has flown off of the shelves but will be back with us soon!


If you've got a larger family, we've got the solution for you with this enormous six person family-sized hamper.
With a striking blue colour scheme and handy equipment for a trip to the beach, park or country, it's a superb solution for any large gathering and durable enough to last for years to come. The hand woven wicker is built for strength as well as aesthetic! This superb arsenal for sandwiches and snacks is only £189 and may well be one of the most impressive baskets in Dibor's market-leading collection.


Keep an eye out for the personalisation options on picnic baskets and more, as we roll it across our range. And don't forget to check out our amazing range of hampers today.


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