The Bella Perle Range... A Modern Classic.

11 September, 2017


With the Bella Perle range finally recompleted – thanks to the arrival of the elusive Bella Perle breakfast bowls at last – we think it’s a perfect time to revisit our acclaimed range of award winning, elegant and beautiful glassware. Manufactured by one of the finest French glassware companies, with a stunning level of detail, this crystal clear range of incredible plates, bowls and more forms a stunning theme of gem-like beaded edging, superb quality and an impressive weight – durable enough for day to day use while maintaining the sheer beauty of a special occasion.

Acclaimed by celebrity chefs...Having been sighted with Nigella Lawson, Mary Berry, and across the national press – the Bella Perle range is Dibor’s finest pedigree.

The Bella Perle Range's unique beaded edging gifts an opulent, gem-like feeling of luxury and quality. Now that the kids are back to school, we’ve noticed a lot of you have started preparing for Christmas well in advance. Stockings are flying from our shelves – so perhaps it’s time to start looking into your festive tableware, too? With every bowl and plate you can set your table for the finest, opulent luxury without taking the risk of expensive breakages or busting the Christmas budget. It’s the finest way to give your dining table a unique, classical character, and sure to impress your guests. Even better, you can make enormous savings when buying in larger sets!

Of course, that’s not all. With its beautiful lines and jewelled design, this collection is ideal as a gift for family and friends, too. Perfect for a housewarming – and even better as a wedding gift – Bella Perle makes a great value, great quality purchase for your friends, too! With a cake stand and salad bowl also available, it’s little wonder it's reaching cupboards across Europe.

Fashionable, beautiful, and with a character all of its own, the Bella Perle range will bring true class to your table.We can’t promise it will stop family arguments, though…!

With Bella Perle, you can achieve a Christmas table to die for... provided the dinner is good, of course!

The Bella Perle Range - our finest, celebrity acclaimed classic. What could be better for a truly luxurious table?

Great Grilling Accessories from Dibor

18 August, 2017

It’s the middle of August – apparently! – And while our beautiful West Yorkshire Mill is still caught in rain showers, there are thousands up and down the country who are indulging the tradition of Barbecue Season in full vigour. The weekend is finally here, and many of you may still be completely unprepared. Our advice? Skip it this weekend, come to us, and get properly prepared! Thankfully, if there’s one thing we know at Dibor, it’s handy accessories for cooking – be it beautiful tableware or nifty tools – and we want to help your Barbecue be as good as it can possibly be.

The perfect way to cook a steak may be up for debate, and everyone’s grilling skills will always be questioned when they’re in charge of the Barbecue, but there’s nothing better than a set of tools to at least look the part! BBQ Tools Gift Set features an array of useful additions with ash wood handles – a glazing brush, fork, tongs, and a spatula. (Which even has a bottle opener built in!)


All wrapped up in a durable canvas bag, this set of cooking utensils is bound to make life in front of the charcoal that little bit easier – we can’t promise it’ll improve the grill-cook’s skill, but it’ll add a little bit of professionalism!

Next you’ll need something for your napkins, condiments and dressings – and we can provide that too! This durable wooden crate features a strong, iron bottle opener built onto the side, and five compartments for bottles of sauces, dressing, packs of napkins and more.

With a durable wooden handle and a humorous ‘Barbecue Rules’ print, our BBQ Condiments Crate makes a fantastic gift, and can even be personalised with one of our exclusive, hand engraved leather tags, it’s a perfectly handy, tidy little addition to your Alfresco get togethers!

One of our favourites on offer is this fantastic Beer Bottle Holder! With its novel shape and strong wooden frame, this charming little gadget makes a great display to hold your beers while the food is cooking, and can be personalised too! It’s capable of holding six bottles of your favourite brew – perfect for the ale enthusiasts at your meet up.

Finally, there’s nothing more essential in the sun than a nice, cool cocktail – and we’ve got everything for a Mojito fuelled shindig! With napkins, a cool bag, a cocktail making kit and a wall mounted bottle opener on offer, this Bar Cubain Mojito Collection is an ideal way to kick off a colourful, sun-soaked celebration.


And finally, because we want to make sure you impress guests with your cooking as much as your style, here's our resident BBQ expert's top tip...


Get The Look - Bamboo Tableware for Summer with Dibor

08 August, 2017

Bamboo Design Dinner Plates

Made of high quality porcelain with a beautiful green, botanically themed print on bright white, this design is a beautiful and easy matching companion to any space. It’s as exotic as it is elegant! Next, you’ll need matching bamboo leaf print bowls and side plates


Luxury 24 Piece Gold Cutlery Set

With all of this in situ, it’s time to focus on Cutlery! Traditional silver cutlery is fine, but for adding some colour to your table and a touch of luxury to proceedings, Gold is always the way to glory! Our stunning range of designer knives, plates, forks, and spoons are bestsellers and our luxury gold set is an incredible way to add opulence to any dinner.


Green Honeybee range

Next, add some matching green glassware – and nothing’s better than our green honeybee glassware to help maintain the natural theme. This beautiful collection is a perfect accompaniment, and, having come from one of the finest glassmakers in France, is built to last.


Royal Blue Placemats

With these greens, golds and whites, a dark coloured placemat is the finest way to finish the look and draw attention to your style. Our royal blue placemats come in a pack of four and feature a bold, geometric boarder and a tribal botanical theme – a perfect, uniting touch to finish a dream table.


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