The start of a new season always inspires us to clean, organise and revamp our home. Give your bathroom a Spring makeover by adding a few subtle changes. Follow these 5 steps to achieve a new sophisticated look.


1.Store your basic toiletries in see-through jars, this adds a stylish touch to your bathroom shelf and also makes them easy to find! We offer some french-inspired jars designed in-house. The bonbon jar (Y721) is ideal for cotton bulbs and the footed jar (R351) is perfect for cotton buds.

2.Bathrooms can easily become cluttered. Add extra storage space to your bathroom with a wall cabinet Our distressed wood wall cabinet (Y305) is full of French rustic charm.

3.Refresh old drawers by replacing the knobs. Our ceramic and brass detail knobs (Z282) will add a elegant touch to your bathroom furniture.

4.Brighten your bathroom walls with some vintage decorations. Dibor's shabby chic clock (Y762) and our metal tin sign (Y849) add a touch of colour. They will also keep your bathroom on-trend as they feature the 2016 Pantone colours “Serenity” and “Rose quartz”. Decorate the outside of the bathroom too using our quirky Washroom Sign. (Y266)

5.Now, let’s be honest… Most of the time in the bathroom is spent in from of a mirror. To complete the makeover, make a statement with our Antique White Wall Mirror (Y537)

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