Mother's Day

01 March, 2019

Every Mother’s Day, no matter how old you are, you always hear the same old adage: “homemade is best.” When I was little, that was easy. School was the best place to craft my mum an egg cup daffodil or a calendar of a poorly drawn cat. It’s as you get older that making gifts get harder – especially with the multitude of fantastic real things you can find anywhere these days.

But mum’s hard to buy for, and the pressure of giving her something she’ll really love always gets to me, so last year I had an idea. For Christmas, I was given a beginner’s embroidery kit I’d thought would be good to get into, and I thought I’d stitch her something.


Somewhat recklessly, I decided on a negative space design with her initial. It was going to be great! It’s the sort of gift you see on the front pages of Pinterest that fill you with jealousy and admiration. But it was possibly too ambitious for me, with my few weeks of experience.

Still, I made it. True, it wasn’t perfect, and I had to outline the “A” because you could barely tell what it was, but my mum loved it! And that’s saying something, given that she’s been a seamstress for 40 years and gets annoyed at badly sewn buttons. In fact, she loved my little embroidery so much, she used her own talents and turned it into a patch to sew on her jacket!


I still think it doesn’t look like an adult made it, but that only encouraged me to keep working on my hobby. Now, I think my work looks much better and I’ve even had a few commissions! If it wasn’t for my mum’s support and praise, I probably would have given it up.

…So now I have to think about what to make her this year!


Time to Start Christmas Shopping - with Dibor!

10 November, 2017

You've probably all seen the start of Christmas products creeping into supermarkets for the last couple of months - it's finally time for people to start stocking up for the most wonderful time of the year, and there's no better place to start shopping early than Dibor.

There's so much to think about around the festive season, isn't there? You need to organise advent calendars, Christmas stockings, decorations - it's enough to make you lose your hair, and then, of course, the moment you log onto Facebook you're met with one of those 'chipper' friends declaring it's so many days or sleeps away. We don't think that's entirely fair; there's still plenty of time! And that means, if you start now, you can spend the back half of December relaxing while your friends and family are rushing back and forth.

It's true that the festive season seems to come around faster and faster every year. But relax! Sit back, have a nice hot chocolate and we'll help you out. There's no need to panic - we have everything you need here.


So, let's see - what comes first? Well, why not start off with a wooden advent calendar. They may be more expensive than those cheap things in the pound shop, but they're perfect to use year upon year, look fabulous and can be filled with gifts of your choice. We think that's a win-win situation, so we'd like to offer one of our favourites from the latest line of Christmas stock. This Fabric Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is made from soft fabric and easily hangs from doors, picture hooks and more.


Of course, that's only the beginning. You may have the kids' advent calendar sorted - perfect! But what about their Christmas stockings? There's so many on the market this year it's quite possible be unable to see the wood for the trees - we get it, it's not easy! There's a lot of stockings out there but you don't always want something bright red hanging off of your mantelpiece; it can get very distracting, can't it? Why not try this trendy Tweed alternative. With layers of brown, cream, dogtooth and plaid, this Glencoe Gentry Tartan Christmas Stocking is a great alternative style that's a little bit more grown up and interesting.


There, that's your second step completed. What next? Well, your home requires festive decorations, naturally - and there's nothing more traditional than a wreath hung upon the door. We've got a great range of these this year - but to match our nice, country feel theme we think there's only one wreath that's sure to work, and it's so beautifully traditional you may wish to keep it out all year!


There - three steps closer to an ideal Christmas. Now it's time to relax with a glass of mulled wine. What's that? You don't have any nice mulled wine mugs? Panic not - we've got our Pair of Luxury Mulled Wine Glasses

this set is an absolute steal - and that's more money you can spend on the Christmas Turkey. (I'm afraid we can't provide that one.)

Oh - and before we forget - here's that slow cooker mulled wine recipe again, if you need it:


Prosecco Day - The Dibor Way!

11 August, 2017

Prosecco Day is on Sunday the 13th of August; and with the festive season firmly on the way, there’s no better time to think of gifts for the Prosecco lovers in your circle (or yourself!)

Here’s a pick of some of our absolute favourites, all with the unified novelty gold, bronze, black and white colour schemes…

Our Fabric Doorstops are always popular with customers, and our fabulous 1 Prosecco, 2 Prosecco, 3 Prosecco Floor! Doorstop is an excellent example of the novelty range at Dibor. With a weighted bottom, an eyecatching – but neutral – colour scheme and cute star, bubbles and heart detailing, it’s no wonder this is on its way to becoming a bestseller! At only £21.00, it’s a great value, durable accessory that will always raise a smile.


Next up in our quirky little range is this funny little Prosecco Fairy Door. This traditional children’s gift has a very non-traditional theme, and appears to be home to the Prosecco Fairy! This funny little novelty makes a great gift and stocking filler and makes a great conversation starter amongst your similarly minded friends. At £9.00, it’s nice and affordable too!


We all have cupboards full of mugs from friends family, don't we? It's a classic gift, and our “There’s Too Much Tea in My Prosecco!” mug is the perfect addition to anyone's collection! Inside its very own gift box, this charming little mug’s gold detailing makes it instantly eyecatching, as well as amusing! Priced only £9.00, it’s a fantastic little addition to any cupboards and kitchens!


Our next item is this beautiful, sweet smelling honey candle with its matching ceramic holder – “This home runs on love, laughter and prosecco”, in the now familiar colour scheme of white and gold – with the equally familiar price of only £9.00!


And, of course, with all of these amazing pieces of giftware, you might want to do a bit of saving. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too...


Prosecco Fund Money pot - £17.00

And finally, our regular cocktail recipe - this time, a fruity twist on the classic Prosecco Royale.


Prosecco Day – sorted, all thanks to Dibor!


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