Great British Bake Off

27 August, 2019


We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the last season of Great British Bake Off. Tonight, it’s finally back on our screens, and amateur bakers across the country will be feeling inspired to get back in the kitchen and give it a go for themselves. To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips and products to make your baking experience an easy and enjoyable one.

One tip we often hear from pro bakers and chefs is to always have your ingredients measured and prepped before you even start to cook. By having your ingredients to hand, ready weighed and measured in bowls, everything becomes much simpler and makes the whole process stress free.

There’s nothing more annoying than your cookbook sliding shut when you’re covered in flour or chocolate and have no idea what to do next. By using a cookbook stand with weighted page holders, your recipe will stay open throughout your baking time.

Aside from practicality, kitchen accessories that look stylish will also help you on your quest to becoming star baker. By matching your measuring bowls to your baking bowls and your cook book stand to your trivet, your kitchen table will look as effortlessly impressive as your baking – perfect for showing off to guests once you’ve honed your culinary skills.

Autumn Harvest - and the Dibor sale. Welcome to October!

02 October, 2017

October has reached us, and as the nights get darker, the weather gets cooler and the trees begin to glow in orange, red and brown, it’s time to remember the simpler things – Harvest Season is underway, and if you have a vegetable plot you may well be preparing to open up the fruits of your labour.

The Harvest Festival is something that has been celebrated since the time of the Pagans, and it’s one of many traditions that endures even today; the time of a
rural retreat may have long since disappeared, but with so many allotments and patches in the United Kingdom, there’s plenty of ways to host your own,
condensed variety of this age-old tradition.
It’s also the middle of our Autumn sale; and as luck would have it, Dibor has lined up a whole host of products to support the autumn harvest – with some fantastic prices, too!


At only £12.80 in our Autumn sale – usually £16.00 – this durable vegetable crate is ideal for a display, or carrying your produce back and forth between the kitchen and the garden. It’s of superb quality, and at a price that can’t be beaten!


Garden Fruits Crate - £12.80

For exactly the same price, we have this beautiful alternative to a traditional spice rack; keep your herb garden’s results in these stylish, handled mason jars.
perfect for keeping everything from cinnamon to sage nice and fresh and great for a busy kitchen which loves to use home-grown herbs!


Spice Jars and Holder - £12.80

Of course, Autumn is ideal soup season – so it’s always worth sitting back with a nice mug of a warming home recipe on an evening; ideal as a simple, light
dinner. We have a fantastic range of soup bowls and mugs, but these are my
personal favourites.
(I also use them for my office coffee – ideal for a caffeine addict!)


Winter Berry & Grey Heart Soup Mugs - £8.80 (normally 11.00)

We also have a beautiful autumnal tablecloth – ideal to refresh your kitchen for the darker, cooler seasons. Usually £49.00, you can pick up this wonderful piece of table linen for only £39.20! At a generous 150x250cm, it’s ideal for a large
table in the kitchen or dining room.


Artisan Striped Tablecloth - £39.20


And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Dibor blog without a nice recipe to try at home. Try this hearty, healthy soup – ideal to relax on a cold evening, freezable and
utterly delicious, too!



The Dibor Autumn Range



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