handwoven wire mesh

With a focus on both durability and style, each of our magazine racks and baskets are expertly handwoven from steel wire to create unique storage solutions for the home. In previous years, steel has received bad press for damaging to the environment during its manufacturing process. However, with major advances in the processes used to make steel, the industry is beginning to be recognised as an eco-friendly one. Over half of all steel products are made from recycled steel, and all steel products are themselves fully recyclable. In fact, steel (and the iron which it is made from) is the most recycled material in the world - considerably more so than paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium.

Dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, handwoven wire was originally used for making jewellery, a practise later adopted by the Vikings. Towards the Middle Ages, handwoven wire was predominantly used in the production of chainmail and body armour, owing to the extra strong, durable, and comparatively lightweight nature of woven wire over sheet metal.

Today, handwoven wire is most commonly used in the production of industrial-look baskets and storage racks like those in the Dibor handwoven wire range. The choice to use handwoven wire over its welded counterpart was made by Dibor on the basis of its surprising durability. Whilst welded wires can sometimes come unstuck from each other, this is not the case with woven wire - there are simply no pieces that can fall apart. After the weaving process is complete, a high-grade lacquer spray is applied to each product for extra durability. The lacquer also makes the products steam resistant, meaning they can be used in the kitchen and bathroom without risk of rusting.

Crafted from responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly steel wire, each of the products in this collection is made to last a life time. Finished with a stylish and timeless look, our range of handwoven products will look great in any home, whatever your current décor, and can be used in any room in the house, from storing magazines in the living room to towels and toiletries in the bathroom.