Great British Bake Off

27 August, 2019


We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the last season of Great British Bake Off. Tonight, it’s finally back on our screens, and amateur bakers across the country will be feeling inspired to get back in the kitchen and give it a go for themselves. To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips and products to make your baking experience an easy and enjoyable one.

One tip we often hear from pro bakers and chefs is to always have your ingredients measured and prepped before you even start to cook. By having your ingredients to hand, ready weighed and measured in bowls, everything becomes much simpler and makes the whole process stress free.

There’s nothing more annoying than your cookbook sliding shut when you’re covered in flour or chocolate and have no idea what to do next. By using a cookbook stand with weighted page holders, your recipe will stay open throughout your baking time.

Aside from practicality, kitchen accessories that look stylish will also help you on your quest to becoming star baker. By matching your measuring bowls to your baking bowls and your cook book stand to your trivet, your kitchen table will look as effortlessly impressive as your baking – perfect for showing off to guests once you’ve honed your culinary skills.

Dibor’s Tour of French Style

16 July, 2019


The world’s best road cyclists are once again competing in the Tour de France. This bike race takes place over 3 gruelling weeks each summer, and this year it covers a total of 3,480 km, which is 2,162 miles! The riders will be taking in the whole of the French countryside, from the flat cobblestoned north to the mountains of the Pyrenees and Alps, before eventually racing up the Champs-Élysées for the final sprint.

Here at Dibor we have taken our very own tour of French styles, from rustic farmhouse country style to Parisian chic. So, no matter what your personal style, we’ve got the home accessories to suit.

The kitchen is the heart of the French country farmhouse, and we've got everything you need to add some rustic chic to your own kitchen. Our luxury hanging saucepan rack allows you to store all of your lovely pots and pans in a traditional French style from its six hanging hooks. This display rack even features a French cockerel design. For the home cook, our vintage style iron cookbook stand is perfect for displaying your recipes and cookbooks as you prepare your favourite meals. Complete the French farmhouse look with our heart shaped dish drainer.

As for French city living... When you think of Paris you’ll probably think of its cafes and bistros. You can bring the look and feel of these stylish establishments into your kitchen or dining room with our bistro wall sign and our range of Bistrot de Paris barware accessories, including our etched glass wine decanter carafe and our black metal drinks bucket. Alternatively, recreate the feel of watching the Tour de France peloton racing down the Rue de Rivoli at home by raising a celebratory champagne toast in our elegant gold leaf champagne flutes, whose long stems and leaf design evoke images of classic French glamour.

Of course, riding a bike needn’t be strenuous and you don't have to ride for thousands of miles. There’s no better reason to go out on a ride than to enjoy a picnic with a friend in the summer sunshine. Our bicycle picnic basket makes this easy. Simply affixed to your bike, this picnic hamper holds plates and cutlery for 2 and has plenty of room for food and drink, ensuring that when you do stop you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect alfresco meal.

Perhaps, though, you prefer to enjoy watching cycling from the comfort of your armchair. No matter, we’re sure you’ll agree with the sentiments on our decorative metal wall sign, ‘Life is Short. Enjoy the Ride’, and on our vintage style wooden sign, 'Life is like Riding a Bicycle'.

Keep your Home Mud Free this Summer with Dibor's Range of Boot Brushes and Shoe Scrapers.

05 July, 2019


Summer has finally arrived. The sun’s shining brightly which means it’s the perfect time for the whole family to go outside and enjoy the garden, get down the allotment, visit the park or, best of all, go for a long walk in the Great British countryside.

However, no matter how much you love the outdoors we’re sure you’ll want it to stay outdoors! That’s where boot brushes and shoe scrapers come in. The perfect way to remove mud, leaves and grass cuttings from your shoes, walking boots and wellies, they’ll ensure your home and conservatory stay free from mud this summer. Better still, boot brushes and scrapers allow you to clean your shoes and walking boots without having to bend down or get mucky at all. There’s no need for any fuss or effort – just scrape and brush off any unwanted garden material before you step indoors.

Here at Dibor we’ve got a fantastic range of boot brushes and scrapers that will suit your style, from country cottage looks to scrapers perfect for a town house. Our classic cast iron boot brush scraper features a heavy duty scraper on one side and a traditional boot brush on the other, making it the perfect all round solution for muddy shoes. It even has an additional scraper in the middle for getting those stubborn leaves out of your boot grips. Similarly, our cast iron boot scraper and brush has a durable scraper and brush set within a beautifully detailed stand that is angled upwards for ease of use.

Sometimes you just can’t avoid getting mud on the sides of your boots as well in the grips. Our countryman’s double-sided boot brush is built for just such occasions. It has two durable brushes facing inwards, meaning that as you push your shoe over the scraper its sides are also brushed clean. Similarly, our combination boot brush and shoe scraper features two brushes on either side of its angled scraping plate, making it ideal for cleaning your boots on your return from a walk in the countryside.

Boot scrapers and brushes are eminently practical. At the same time, they are a great way to add a touch of traditional country style and elegance to your front doorstep, garden door or porch. This is especially true of our stag boot brush, which features an ornately crafted seated deer figure with tall antlers for a refined stately look that evokes traditional woodland and Highland images.

All our boot scrapers are made from durable cast iron, meaning they can be kept outside all year long without worry. Here at Dibor we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. All of our boot brushes are made using sustainably sourced coco fibres, meaning when you step back indoors from the garden you really can do so with peace of mind, and safe in the knowledge that your shoes are clean.

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