With your Christmas tree dressed and your home ready for the celebrations ahead, don’t overlook the mantelpiece. Being the focal point of any living room, it’s the perfect place to have a curated collection of your favourite decorations and let it capture your festive theme.

If your theme is heavy on woodland inspiration, opulence or dark tones, we’re going to be showing you ways to create a decadent woodland mantlepiece design.

It can be easy to assume luxury meaning an excess of an item, but the most timeless and effortless way to do luxury is to consider placement, colours and textures used.

Traditionally mantelpieces are dressed in an abundance of garland and whilst they’re an easy way to bring interest in your design, they can quickly take over. Choosing something longer rather than thicker will leave you with room to play with and add more woodland decor. Pinecones are always a great base option to go with as they bring texture and a lovely woody fragrance. 


Don’t be afraid to double up on your pinecones and use them as mini Christmas trees, mantel decorations or as table decorations on Christmas day. Add some luxurious sparkle by laying a light-up wreath and top it off with some decorative candle holders weaved in between, sure to give that warm festive glow that we all love.

As for what you should hang from your mantlepiece, you can never go wrong with stockings. They are a classic option and bring that personal touch. However, if you want something more contemporary, always remember that tree decorations aren’t just for the tree, they look just as festive throughout your home and hung from your mantle. Ones with a sparkle are going to gently bounce around the light and glow from the roaring fire to give the more ethereal and luxurious feeling. If you feel as though it needs that finishing touch, try a wreath with rich colours and elements which tie into the whole design.


Top tip - If you have a hollow fireplace, try using it as a present alcove. However, if you do use your fireplace regularly, the materials you use and placement of them needs to be carefully considered.

Not everything you add to your mantel has to be bought, you can make pomander balls to add to the woodland theme which release the most wonderful festive spice smell. Make it a family tradition because Christmas isn’t about the presents that we buy, but rather the people that we are lucky surrounded by.

With love, Dibor x