Avoiding the Christmas Chaos

Christmas is the busiest time for everyone with writing present lists as long as our arms, shopping for Christmas dinner food and sending cards to everyone we know. Then within a blink of an eye, it’s Christmas Eve-eve and we’ve missed the chance to celebrate the joy of the season.

This year we’re starting early, and we’ve made a helpful guide for you to follow along with.

Write a list. Be it small or large, a physical written list is must have at Christmas otherwise it’s easy to become flustered in the chaos and overspend. Throughout the year people drop hints of things they’ve seen, so take note and keep your eyes peeled for bargains. This will give you direction with purchasing and keep you within a budget.

Start early. We’ve all seen them, the people rushing to the shops on Boxing Day and queuing for the January sales and every single year we shake our heads and say, “what utter madness”. But thinking about it, they might actually be onto something. Shopping sales is a brilliant way to save money, buy more meaningful gifts rather than rushed, generic presents that you bought for the sake of it and you get a huge head start on your shopping so you can feel more at ease next year.

Top tip - when people get money for Christmas, they say they’re going to spend on this coat or a fancy bag they’ve seen, but as it goes in life, it always gets spent on other things. So, this gives you the opportunity to buy it for them at a reduced price and surprise them with it next year.

Go online. It seems too simple and good to be true. Shopping online means it’s delivered straight to your home, you’re saved from the crowds, you’re in the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas, you have a delicious hot chocolate in your hand and a festive film playing on your TV. What’s not to love? Some people do enjoy going into stores to shop and we all know that sometimes you do genuinely need to see the present in person and feel it in your hands, but save yourself the stress where you can.

Make it. There’s something so wholesome and true to Christmas about making someone a gift rather than buying them one. Make their absolute favourite triple chocolate chip cookies or better yet, give them the family recipe you’ve kept secret for so many years! If you’re handy with a needle and thread, make a child they’re very own teddy bear to keep forever, one that they can name and hold dear.

Christmas is a day, but the memories are forever. Simply don’t stress because when we let the stress take over, we forget to take part in our family festive traditions. We all want to make Christmas the most magical day and gift our loved ones with everything and more that they deserve, understandably so, but they will always choose you and your quality time over a present. We promise you.

Always, Dibor x