Refresh Your Home

With the new year in full swing, alongside our usual post-Christmas tidying and cleaning routines we’re turning our attention to new and exciting ways to revitalise our living spaces this January to create an uplifting atmosphere in the home to set us up for a positive 2021

One way we can all look to create a more comfortable atmosphere this year while helping to make our homes more energy efficient is to look at ways of keeping in the heat and keeping the winter blues at bay outside. Fabric draught excluders are the perfect way to do this, adding an extra touch of character and style to a room while protecting you from pesky drafts and the January chills.



While going out and spending time with friends may still be off the cards for a little while longer, there’s no reason the home can’t be a space for a spot of indulgence from time to time. Whether enjoying a glass of your favourite red or creating your own cocktails, there’s nothing like a new set of glassware to add a touch of vintage style to your kitchen, dining room or home bar and is the perfect way to enjoy a big night in.



Spending more time at home during the long cold evenings is also the perfect time to take the dive into learning new skills and developing new hobbies and talents. With all the extra time on our hands, we’re turning our attention to getting better at baking and cooking up delicious treats that the whole family can enjoy. With the only limit being your imagination, there’s no end to the delights you can make from healthy snacks to delicious winter warmers.



As winter carries on outside, it can be easy to be bogged down by the short days and grey weather so this January we’re looking for ways to bring an extra touch of life to the home and bring the bright colours of spring and summer into the home. The perfect way to do this is with freshly cut flowers beautifully arranged into a vase designed to compliment your space and brighten everything from your mantelpiece and windowsill to the dining table or console.