With the world becoming more eco-conscious, we wanted to share what we’ve been secretly working on behind the scenes to help the environment.

One of our best-selling products is the Hanging Heart Bird Dish and after reading your feedback, we’re simply overjoyed at how many of you love the way it blends into your garden whilst adding a delicate touch of decorative charm. We want to be completely transparent with you and let you know that when we took deliveries of this in the past, it came wrapped in an abundance of unnecessary packaging such as bubble wrap and layers of tape, neither of which are environmentally friendly and this really didn’t sit well with us. So, we have made some changes and now all of these bird dishes are delivered to our West Yorkshire based warehouse in 100% cardboard boxing and paper wrapping. Having a more streamlined exterior helps to minimise the size of each individual package and maximise the amount of free storage on shipping containers, so we can receive more stock per delivery and reduce our carbon emissions at the same time. As I mentioned, you will receive your parcel in a fully biodegradable cardboard box which you can choose to either recycle or repurpose.

Sustainable Packaging

For the smaller and less fragile items, we deliver them to your home in eco-friendly mailing bags. Prior to this we used generic plastic mailing bags which we weren’t fans of for a number of reasons, but we’re really proud of our new degradable white bags. You know what they say if you’re proud of something, you should put your name on it, so that’s exactly what we did.

We are making changes in other places too. We are reducing the amount of tape that we use to seal parcels, we’ve opted to use brown paper or tissue paper to package items where it allows and as a general rule, we are hugely reducing the amount of plastic that we use both in the warehouse and office space.

This is a small first step to Dibor becoming a greener and cleaner business.

We want to thank you for being loyal customers and for supporting our small, family run business and we hope you love receiving you purchases in our brand new, environmentally friendly packaging.

All our love, Dibor x