Festive Winter Routine

With darker mornings and the weather becoming dull, waking up in the winter months is proving to be difficult. If we had to put a pound in a jar for every time we’ve hit snooze or ran to work because leaving the hot shower felt like the end of the world, we’d be able to buy you all your dream Christmas presents. But, if there’s one thing to pull us out of the winter morning rut, it’s the promise of Christmas right around the corner.

We all want to stay in a roasty toasty bed for as long as possible, but think of it this way, the earlier you wake up, the more hours there are in the day for transforming your home into a magical Christmas haven.

When you have a free day, take the opportunity and do whatever makes you happy; make your favourite breakfast and play the Christmas man himself, Michael Bublé, throughout your whole home or stick a film on. Just because you're in a rush getting ready for work doesn't mean you can't have a good old sing along in the car to the Christmas classics and get yourself into the festive spirit.



After a lovely morning of relaxing, it’s time to start your festive fun filled day. Wrap yourself up in chunky knits, grab your brolly, lace your boots and go for a crisp winter air walk either alone or with others. There are certain scents, like the smell after a heavy rain shower, or freshly baked bread which can make you feel warm inside and the crisp Winter air is no exception. When you get back home, make sure to wipe the dirt from your boots before walking inside and pop your umbrella away in one of our contemporary upside down umbrella stands, that way it remains a clean, tidy canvas for you to decorate upon.



Whether your Christmas tree has been up since November, or you’ve saved it until now, there’s always a little gap where you could place one or two more baubles. We have selected the best Christmas tree ornaments to suit every festive theme, be that a traditional Christmas as old as time itself, one with all the trimmings and toppings or a fairytale dream. Protect your floor from fallen pine needles and hide the tree base with tree skirts. For that extra touch, personalise your tree skirt with your family name.



Don’t forget the work your magic on the outside of your house. There are tonnes of beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations available at the click of a finger, and if you were to ask any one of us at Dibor, we would always say, the more trees the merrier.



As the night draws in, it’s time to pull your curtains to a draw and switch on the Christmas lights to appreciate your hard work. Finish your day by cooking up a hearty homemade meal and sip on spiced mulled wine underneath a blanket and I promise you, you’ll have one of the dreamiest sleeps of your life. So much so, being woken up by your alarm the next morning will be worth it because you get to do it all over again.


Happy festive season,

Love, Dibor x