Natural Textures & a Splash of Gold



A Mixture of New & Old Traditions

Traditions have a way of making us feel comforted and safe because they’re familiar, but some traditions can become tired. We want to show you how to incorporate the old with the new, to create an inviting Christmas table, with a twist.




Natural Colours & Textures

Natural tones and textures elevate the overall design and add new levels of interest at your dinner table. Opting for something with texture and a mixture of colours will really help to draw the eye and stimulate the brain. Natural textures are incredible at creating a sense of calm and warmth within a person, whilst bolder colours and synthetic textures create excitement.




Eco-Conscious Decorations

With everyone coming more eco-conscious, our natural jute table runner embellished with white snowflakes is an understated, yet striking piece to lay down your table.




A Splash of Gold

Adding splashes of gold throughout your table décor is a great way to capture some of the Christmas magic. We recommend adding in some gold accent through your mugs, wine glasses or cutlery. If you prefer plain cutlery, loose table decorations are a great alternative to get that golden touch.