A Real Life Fairytale

If you laugh when people ask “Is this too much glitter?”, then you’ve come to the right place. We here at Dibor want to share our top decorating tips to help your fairytale dream become reality.



Textures and Colours

Textures play a huge role in creating your dream. Having 2 to 3 different textures is going to elevate your tree and add to the luxurious feel. Examples of great textures are a soft silk with a high sheen or shimmers, burlap and white organza. Begin at the top of your tree, just below your star and gently wind down and this way you’ll avoid loose ends at the top of your tree, creating a cleaner finish.

Your choice in décor needs to be inspired by the softer and cooler tones such as blue, pink, white, almost as through the fresh frost has nipped at them. Try to avoid traditional colours of reds and greens as they can take away from the whimsical feeling.



As for your choice in tree, taller is better for the fairytale theme as it has a larger presence and looks more magical. A soft white 7-foot tree creates a clean crisp canvas for you to decorate on top of, allowing you to really make it your own. If an overall white tree is too much for you, a snow dusted tree is a fantastic alternative.

Standout Star of the Show

To top off your fairytale dream, opt for a decadent topper of your choosing, but we recommend something simple and elegant like a star, snowflake or an angel.



Trimming the Tree – Top Tips

Fairy lights set on a clear wire will blend more seamlessly into your festive fantasy tree and add the much-needed sparkle, or you can buy a pre-lit Christmas tree.