Winter Birds

Just like us, birds take note of the changing seasons and feel their effects. While you’re likely to keep being visited by the same familiar friends you’ve seen throughout the year, some birds might be getting ready to fly South ready for Winter, and you might even spot some new faces that have arrived from colder climates.

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes cooler, your garden might start looking a little drab – especially with the loss of Summer flowers, and the leaves begin to turn brown and fall from the bare trees. Encouraging as many birds as possible to keep visiting will help to keep any outdoor space feeling a little more lively. As well as this, watching them play and taking time to listen to their beautiful songs is a fantastic form of stress relief.

Autumn is an important time to keep the birds well-fed and looked after, so it’s important to put out plenty of nourishing food for them. Tasty treats that will attract a wide variety of species include sunflower seeds and ground peanuts, as well as fat balls for something more substantial. For those looking to cut down on household waste, kitchen leftovers such as pastry, bread and fruit are also suitable to leave out.

A decorative way to brighten up your garden for Autumn, bird feeders are ideal to attract all kinds of feathered friends. Providing a safe space to feed and rest means that birds are more likely to visit your garden again, so you’re sure to recognise a few familiar faces.

As with bird feeders, bird baths make a great garden decoration for keen birdwatchers, as they offer a clear view of the birds socialising in their natural state. Just the thing to take advantage of the British Autumn weather, they’re ideal for collecting rainfall for birds to drink and bathe. Bird baths are essential for grooming, as damp feathers are easier for a bird to preen to keep them clean and in good condition.