Winter Walks

We’re all guilty of wanting to stay at home inside during the colder months, but going for a mindful walk, does wonders for your body and mind, even if it’s 10 minutes around your neighbourhood. Layer up, grab your umbrella, fill your flask with your favourite hot drink and lace up your walking boots.

Walking alone can be therapeutic, but sometimes you need the company of your family and dog by your side. Once you’re all wrapped up and tucked in, don’t forget to wrap your little ones up too and that includes your dogs. With their paws directly on the ground, the cold will get to their core quicker than it would us. Our grey chunky knit dog jumpers will keep your furry friend toasty whilst making them look fabulous. Add a high quality, stylish lead and collar to make sure they’re always safe, especially in the darker months.



As you wander through the woodlands, look around and appreciate the beauty in nature. Notice the different hues of amber and gold leaves hanging from the branches and let the fresh, crisp Autumn air fill your lungs.

Upon arriving back home, your boots will be covered in mud after having trudged through the woodland. Have a boot scraper sitting by your front door to remind you to always wipe your boots and keep your home clean. Drop your umbrella into one of our decorative upside-down umbrella stands, the perfect solution to keep your hallway free of clutter.



If you’re like us, your heating is always on throughout Autumn and Winter and it is exactly what you want to come home to when you’ve been nipped at by the cold frost. As you rush into the warmth and begin thawing, feel your heart fill with pure happiness and contentment. Share this with the ones you love most in the world.

Complete your perfect Autumnal day by lighting some candles, making a pot of creamy hot chocolate over the stove with your children or tuck into some delicious homemade mulled wine in front of the fire. Don’t forget to give your furry friend a cosy haven of their own to snuggle in to. With a huge range of plush pet beds and soft blankets, they’ll be spoilt for choice.