Winter Walks

Now that Summer is over and the weather is starting to turn a little colder, it can be tempting to want to stay indoors and hibernate during the Autumn and Winter months, but getting out and about in nature is the perfect way to beat the Winter blues. Layer up, grab your umbrella, fill your flask with your favourite hot drink and lace up your walking boots.

When you’re out walking in nature, take a moment to stop and appreciate the beautiful colours and sounds of Autumn. One of our favourite times of the year, the trees are filled with vibrant russet and amber leaves, and the crunch of the leaves underfoot is such a distinctly Autumnal sound. Mirror the stunning colours of an Autumn woodland around your own home by decorating with rustic woodchip wreaths, featuring striking amber and midnight blue flowers.

One of the few downsides of taking a walk in the Autumn weather is the potential for mud and rain making its way inside your home when you return from your refreshing walk. Combat this by keeping a useful boot brush or scraper by your back door to clean your walking boots or wellies before you enter your home. Once inside, stash your umbrella in one of our upside-down umbrella stands, complete with a removable drip catcher to easily contain any rain water.

If you’re like us, the first thing that you want to do when you return home is to snuggle up cosy and warm. Complete your perfect Autumnal day by lighting some candles, firing up your log burner, and warming a large pot of coffee or cocoa over a hot stove. Mirror the Autumnal hues that you enjoyed outdoors inside, by accessorising with earthy brown tones and bright copper accents.

As much as we love being out in nature during the Autumn months, many of the outdoor activities that we enjoy in Summer are hardly practical in the colder weather. When a picnic in the park with the family is off the cards, why not enjoy their company in your own home? Inviting friends and family around for a few evening drinks and nibbles can be the perfect tonic for the Winter blues.